Not known Incorrect Statements About Sciatica and Sciatic Nerve Pain Information – SpineUnivers… Not known Incorrect Statements About Sciatica and Sciatic Nerve Pain Information – SpineUniverse

That’s a straight-to-surgery circumstance. The 2 main surgical options for sciatica are diskectomy and laminectomy. During this procedureyour surgeon eliminates whatever is continuing your sciatic nerve, whether it’s a herniated disk, a bone spur, or something else. The goal is to eliminate just the piece that’s in fact triggering the sciatica, but sometimes cosmetic surgeons have to remove the whole disk to repair the issue.

The lamina is part of the ring of bone that covers the spine. During a laminectomy, your cosmetic surgeon eliminates the lamina and any tissue pressing on the nerve that’s causing you discomfort. You will…

Recovery Times and Tips After Laser Spine Surgery

Laser spine surgery is the least invasive option when it comes to having any form of spinal surgery. Unfortunately this type of technique cannot be used on all spinal injuries, so you will have to discuss the options with your surgeon to identify which techniques will work best based on your particular spinal issues. In most instances laser spine surgery is only used on small back issues.

Benefits of Laser Back Surgery

Laser back surgery is a leading choice by surgeons and patients when it comes to surgery of the back. Any work or damage to your back is filled with risk. This is where you find the spine, the spinal fluid and a host of nerves, all of which if get damaged can lead to serious long term problems moving forward.

Breathing and Low Back Pain – How They Are Related

Low back pain affects around 80% of all adults in their lifetime and is one of the most common reasons a person seeks medical help. As a chiropractor, low back pain is the number one complaint that I treat. Most often, the back pain that I treat is related to de-conditioning and bad movement patterns that the person has developed over their lifetime.

Whiplash Injury – What Is It and How to Deal With It?

An article describing the whiplash injury – a very common ailment. What are the symptoms, how to treat it and how to claim compensation for it?

An Insight Into the Causes, Symptoms and Herbal Treatment for Back Pain

A usual misconception is associating back pain as a sign of aging. However, this is not true as back pain can affect any age group as it is caused due to a number of reasons. In short, back pain refers to the pain that emerges at the upper, middle or lower portions of the back. The location and position of the pain are dependent on numerous factors such as age of the individual, medical condition, physical condition of the body and so on. The exact root cause for the pain has to be diagnosed accurately for a speedy recovery.

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