How to Bench Press WITHOUT Pain – Reverse Grip Bench!!

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The bench press is definitely the most popular chest exercise and a staple of almost every chest workout. The problem is, that lots of guys can’t do them without pain. Whether it be pain in the shoulders, wrists or elbows, the bench press exercise can wreak havoc on those joints of yours unless you are careful.

In a quest to bench more weight guys will do all sorts of crazy things during the lift. They will arch their backs way off the bench or bounce the bar off their chest. Well, obviously both of those things are wrong. However, in this video I show you that even touching the bar to your chest during the barbell bench press is not the best idea long term. The extra few inches you get by touching the chest puts the AC joints in your shoulders at a much greater risk of injury.

In either case, there might be a better bench press exercise anyway. The underhand bench or reverse grip bench press is not only a safer option but one that could add more size to your chest! Research shows that you get incredible upper chest and mid chest activation during the lift (some even say more than during the incline bench press!) In fact, using the exercise is one of my best bench press tips I give my pro athletes to add mass to their chest and save their shoulder joints in the process.

Of course with any video on how to bench press, form is key. So take a few moments to watch this video and see how you can nail the form on this chest exercise alternative.

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