Back Exercises For Back Pain At Home

The best back exercises for back pain at home! Six of the best core exercises to strengthen and stabilize your spine. A collection of the best exercises you can do at home for low back pain.



As a doctor of physical therapy, low back pain is one of the most common conditions that I treat in my clinic. While low back pain is a very prevalent problem, fortunately there is a lot that the right stretches and strengthening exercises can do to treat it. Today I want to share with you six of my favorite exercises to increase your core strength and lower back stability.

It’s important to note that all low back pain is not the same. There are many different causes and therefore many different recommended treatments. While these exercises are going to be good for most conditions, they may not be the best for your specific needs. I always recommend that you consult with a local doctor or physical therapist regarding your back pain to get unique treatment for your specific, individual needs.

Your spine is composed of a series of individual vertebrae bones stacked on top of each other separated at each level by a disc. This arrangement makes our spines very flexible; unfortunately with that flexibility comes a degree of instability. It’s important that you maintain flexibility in your spine, but not so much that your spine become unstable. Instability can lead to go back problems including muscle strain, bulged disc, herniated discs, arthritis, and even degenerative disc disease.

You can improve the stability of your spinal column and therefore decrease pain in your lower back by increasing the strength of the muscles that support this structure.

The exercises presented in this video are six of my favorite back exercises for back pain to strengthen the muscles that support the spine. This can be a highly effective means treating low back pain at home.

The best way to strengthen and stabilize your back is to work the muscles that attach to the vertebrae in your spinal column as well as those muscles that support the pelvis. Your pelvis is basically the “foundation” that your lower back sits on top of. You want this to be a strong, stable structure as well.

The home exercises for back pain presented in this video include:

1. Posterior Pelvic Tilt with Abdominal Brace: strengthens the transverse abdominis muscle that attaches to your spine.

2. Bridges: great exercise for the hip and spine extensor groups.

3. Bird Dogs: works lumbar stability and balance without a lot of movement.

4. Swimmers: a more focused exercise for your lower back stabilizers; specifically your lumbar extensors.

5. Side Planks: primary muscles worked include your obliques and hip abductors – crucial in pelvic stabilization.

6. Front Plank: draw in your belly button to activate the deepest abdominal layer and hold it against a resistance.


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