SELF LOVE Affirmations (30 second SELF LOVE break) #shorts 🤗❤️

Start your morning with these Self love affirmations to let go of self judgment and welcome more compassion, gratitude and JOY into your day.

⭐️ Today I set myself on a path of love and compassion
⭐️ Today I will appreciate every opportunity to learn, to laugh and to love
⭐️ Today I will feel more connected to the truth and power of who I really am
⭐️ Today I will find strength and courage to make this world a happier place

These kinds of Self love affirmations aren’t just woo. Studies in Neuroscience and Psychology clearly show increased feelings of well-being, and less anxiety with a consistent loving kindness affirmation practice.

This is something yogis and Buddhists have known for centuries!

I suggest letting this reel play in a loop and saying these affirmations with me out silently or out loud a few times. Say them like you really mean it, because you are SO WORTH IT

Then for the rest of the day notice what direction your heart pulls you. Go that way

4 Easy Ways to Remove Your Back Pain

Young or old, fit or out of shape, at one time or another during your life you will experience some form of back pain. This is because the back is the connection between the upper and lower body, it bears most of your body weight. This means it can be easily injured when lifting, reaching or twisting.

Pilates For Back Pain

As back pain is a common problem, it has diverse cures. There are a considerable number of exercises to heal back pain. However Pilates is thought to be one of the best options available.

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How Do Children Get Back Pain?

Most of the people accept that back problems are exclusive to old age. In truth, kids are nearly as at the mercy of the condition as their adult opposite numbers.

Back Pain and Chiropractic

Back pain has probably been around since man began walking around on two legs and has been treated by chiropractors for over 100 years. Statistically speaking 80% of the population will experience a back problem some time in their lives. Your Torrance chiropractor is well versed in caring for the back injuries that are a part of everyday life

Movement and Pain

We want our bodies to move and function without pain, of course. Still, pain is one of our bodies’ most useful alarm mechanisms. Sometimes, though, our bodies interpret pain as a signal for us to not move in a certain way, which initiates a downward spiral where pain limits movement, which encourages decreased activity, which in turn creates stiffness and more pain. Regular walking, workouts, stretching, and massage not only help keep us moving, they also let us know when some of our natural range of movement has become limited.

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