Neck Spasm Pain Relief in 5min

In this video I have share with you the best home base exercises for neck spasm pain relief. With following this routine you can improve you neck spams pain and mobility in 5min.

I have share with you one of the best way to treat your neck spasm and relief your neck pain in 5min.

The list of exercises that I share with you in this video:

Hot pack:

Before you start your rehab exercises, its highly recommended to use hot pack for your neck spasm. Hot pack can simply helps to improve your neck blood circulation and also due to the heat reduce your pain. I would recommend you to use it regularly through the day couple of times. If you don’t have a hot pack, you can use a wet kitchen towel or small towel, by putting them in microwave for 2min and they do the job.

Isometric neck strengthening: best exercise for acute or chronic neck pain

This exercise simply help you with reduce your neck pain and at the same time improve your neck strength. You should follow do this exercise daily at least once for optimum results.

Self mobilisation technique:

This exercise helps you to improve your neck mobility and your neck pain. With this technique you can improve your neck stiffness and also mobilise each section of your neck.

Chin tuck:

Chin tuck helps you to improve your neck pain and your neck mobility. Chin tuck is simply helps you to strengthen the deep cervical flexor and extensor of your neck.



Neck spams pain relief in 5min
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