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Low Back Pain: Keep It Away

Lower back pain affects just about all of us at one time or another. Ironically, one of the main causes of lower back pain is weak abdominals; something that will obviously be addressed within this program.

Can Yoga Help Relieve Back Pain?

Study after study has shown concrete benefits from yoga for back pain. Find out how yoga can help relieve back pain and if therapeutic yoga is for you.

When Does Back Disc Surgery Make Sense?

Surgery is a bold step to consider, if you have back pain. With so many non-invasive options, it is typically saved as a last-resort option. A few situations are serious enough to warrant surgery.

The Chiropractic Patient

A Chiropractic patient’s care is much like being responsible for an egg. Break it now for immediate gratification (desire immediate pain relief) or care for it until it hatches (seeing spinal care to its completion); and finally nurturing the life until maturity (as in adopting a lifetime natural wellness philosophy). Patients avail of chiropractic care under three different philosophies crudely described above so the question is: “Which group do you fit into?”

Will Standing Instead of Sitting Resolve Back Pain?

The health hazards of prolonged sitting are well known. Does it correlate with back pain, and is standing more the answer?

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