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By Amy McGorry Like bears coming out of hibernation, numerous of us are shaking off the winter season rust and taking pleasure in outdoor sports. Sometimes changes in your workout regular (e. g., altering to outdoor surfaces or reintroduction to seasonal sports) can leave you with aches and pains. One…

Relief of Sciatica Pain During Pregnancy

Sciatica pain, also referred to as sciatic nerve pain or plainly as sciatica, is a common problem among many pregnant women. This is due to the compression of the uterus on the sciatic nerve as the weight of the baby increases.

The Importance Of A Back Support Cushion

Do you know why a back support cushion is so important? What you need to understand is that…

Sciatica Relief Info: The Things That You Need to Know

Sciatica is the general term for the symptoms of pain felt in the lower back down to one’s buttocks, thigh and leg. This is due to the compression or injury of the sciatic nerve, also referred to as the sciatic nerve. This wide and long single nerve in the human body roots from the spine’s base and runs down from the sides of the pelvis down towards the buttocks, thighs, legs and feet. Basically, this nerve sends impulses to your lower extremities.

Degenerated Discs and Back Pain

The problem with calling this a structural diagnosis is that it is not humanly possible to tell which disc is the painful disc at a specific point in time. It is a reasonable supposition that if a person ruptures and L4-5 disc, that the preceding episodes of axial low back pain were probably from that disc. However, during that period of episodic low back pain, we don’t have the tools to accurately figure it out.

What Is Sciatica? Symptoms And Causes

Sciatica is a condition under which there is an excruciating or shooting pain in the leg, which starts from the back of the thigh and goes down the leg, making sitting and standing extremely difficult. The problem of sciatica occurs when there is a disruption in the normal functioning of the sciatic nerve.

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