Not known Details About Moderate Back Pain Exercises – DrMichael Tereo Not known Details About Moderate Back Pain Exercises – DrMichael Tereo

Hook a basic bath towel around the bottoms of your feet at the heels. Carefully bend forward at your hips, bringing your belly down to your thighs. Keeping your back directly, get the towel to assist you bring your belly closer to your legs. Stretch up until you feel moderate stress in the back of your legs and lower back.

You can increase or decrease the stress of this stretch by getting the towel better or further from your feet. As you become more versatile over time, you can increase for how long you hold the stretch, or lower the…

Lower Back Stretches at Work – Reduce Stiffness and Get More Out of Your Day

What lower back stretches can I do at work? And more importantly: How can I incorporate back stretches into my work day? These are common questions people ask.

My Favorite Stretch Is Not Helping My Back Anymore?! What Is Happening?

Many people try to stretch their way out of back pain. However, stretching, at best, is a limited solution to back pain because it does not address the underlying problem. Stretching may even make the problem worse. The article explains why this is and explains how adjustments may be a better fit.

All About Spinal Decompression Therapy

Do you experience unexplained aches in different parts of the body? Is it difficult for you to maintain a balanced posture? Is your natural range of motion limited in any way?

Back Pain 101 – Alternate Treatments For Lower Back Pain Management

Lowe back pain can occur to any individual. While there are many forms of treatments to cure the problem, at times the pain tends to reoccur. This in turn, will cause extreme discomfort or even hamper the daily activities of the individual. The following alternate forms of lower back treatment will help reduce the pain and prevent any form of relapse in the near future.

Seeing a Chiropractor For Sciatica

You may already be seeing a chiropractor for back issues, but sciatica can scare you in a whole new way because of nerve issues that come up. So don’t fear, let a properly trained chiropractor fix you up, after you read this article.

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