How to Fix Your Posture (NO MORE ROUNDED SHOULDERS!)

Fix more than just your posture by training like an athlete here

One of the most common posture faults caused by lifting weights and working out is the rounded shoulder posture or hunchback. If you want to lift the most weight you can in your shoulder workouts then you will need to fix your posture first.

In this video I show you a quick posture test you can do to assess how bad your posture really is without having to wait for the results. Simply stand up and let your arms hang at your sides. Notice where your thumbs are pointing. Are they pointing inward, towards each other or are they pointing straight ahead? If you answered the latter, then your shoulders are likely internally rotated and this bad posture is having an effect on you working out.

To feel what correct posture for working out should feel like, slip a resistance band over your shoulders as I show you. This should immediately fix or correct the rounded shoulders or hunchback and make you feel much more upright. You can even do a few lifts or a complete workout wearing this band contraption so you can feel what your shoulders should feel like in proper alignment.

In order to correct your posture and learn how to make permanent changes here you need to start using that same band to do band pull aparts. The band pull apart exercise is great for improving your posture because it trains the inter scapular muscles like the rhomboids and upper traps to retract the scapulae. It also externally rotates the arms and strengthens the muscles of the rotator cuff. The added strength will allow you to fix even the worst postures and reverse the effects of kyphosis.

For a complete workout and training program that helps you build size and strength while paying attention to the smaller details like bad posture, be sure to head to and get the physical therapist created ATHLEAN-X Training System. Overlook nothing in your workouts and start doing the right exercises for not just posture, but for building serious athletic muscle.

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