DRX9000 Lumbar Decompression – DRX9000 & DRX9000c Fundamentals Explained

DRX9000 Lumbar Decompression – DRX9000 & DRX9000c Fundamentals Explained

What is back traction?Spinal back traction is a type of decompression treatment that alleviates pressure off the spinal discs and surrounding muscles. It can be carried out by hand or mechanically. What does spinal column decompression do to your back?Spine decompression produces area between the vertebrae by carefully stretching the spinal column and takes the pressure off the spine discs, muscles, and nerves.

And now over to you: What’s your experience with back traction? Show our neighborhood in the comments below. Take a look at our brand-new guide the very best ReferencesApfel et al., Repair of disk height through non-surgical…

Mind Therapies With Body Results Chronic Pain Patients Can Benefit From

Relaxation techniques and psychotherapy can come with physical benefits. Two studies show how these methods affect us on fundamental physical levels.

Fact Sheet for Your Spine and Spine Care in a Normal Life

Our daily habits, movements and our dietary intake all impact the body on a daily basis. Most of us forget that daily activities impact our body and many of us have developed bad habits that affect the different parts of the body.

A Practical Health Guide for Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis

These terms have confused quite a few patients, owing to the similar names and pronunciation. But they are very different when it comes to symptoms. In this article, we will be giving you a practical health guide

Causes and the Treatments for Back Pain

Experiencing back pain can be one of the worst feelings that any person can go through, as it makes any action of movement difficult and painful. It also reduces the person’s overall wellness and activity.

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Non-Surgical Options of Treatment for Lower Back Pain

On many occasions, back pain caused from strenuous activity can be annoying and restrictive. When, however, there are recurring cases of severe back pain, patients often resort to any form of treatment to find quick relief.

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