The Single Strategy To Use For Sciatica – NHS

The Single Strategy To Use For Sciatica – NHS

Sciatica is discomfort that starts in your lower back and shoots down through your legs and often into your feet. It occurs when something in your body– perhaps a herniated disk or bone spur compresses your sciatic nerve. Some people experience sharp, extreme discomfort, and others get tingling, weakness, and pins and needles in their legs.

Many people with sciatica don’t end up requiring surgical treatment, and about half improve within 6 weeks with just rest and medication. So what do you need to do after your medical professional makes a medical diagnosis of sciatica? Many people with sciatica get…

Back Surgery: The Cold, Hard Truth

So the cold hard truth is surgery is a viable option. But in my opinion taking an alternative approach and exploring these non- surgical options first is the way to go.

Before Orthopedic Surgery: Tests For Disk Injuries

In the field of orthopedic surgery, to verify that a patient requires an operation to repair a herniated or otherwise injured disk, X-rays, CT Scans, MRIs, and the EMG/NCS are employed together with physical observations. All of these combine to determine whether a person has objective, verifiable signs of a condition that matches his or her complaints of pain before moving forward.

Curing Your Back Pain Is Up

Relying solely on doctors and drugs to cure your back pain and not addressing the underlying problems will more than likely put you right back in the ‘office. Too many people expect surgery to cure the back pain and then they can go back living their normal lives. Many times the causes of the back pain is their lifestyle. Not dealing with these causes only leads to more problems.

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Can MRIs Reveal Back Pain?

MRI machines are an essential tool for diagnosing many medical conditions. But are they wasted on patients with back pain?

What Is Text Neck?

Text Neck is being described as a modern epidemic. But what is text neck, and could you possibly already be suffering from it? It is more common than you might think!

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