Back Stretches And Exercises For Lower Back Pain

Help relieve lower back pain by improving mobility, and flexibility. These back stretches and exercises may help reduce back pain when practiced consistently. Remember to listen to your body, work at your own pace and talk to your health care provider if you have severe ongoing pain!

Back Pains and Stress (Part 2)

There are ways that you can actually deal with the stress in your daily routine so that you can reduce the level and frequency of your back pains, and there are ways that you can also deal with your recurring back pains to help reduce the level of stress that you might be feeling. The very important thing that you must remember if you want to learn how to deal with your back pains and stress, you need to establish a good balance in your overall well-being. What this basically means is that you must be able to handle…

Why Sciatica in Pregnancy Is So Common and What Women Can Do About It

Sciatica in pregnancy is experienced by almost seventy percent of all pregnant women. There are some tips that can make it easier to deal with. The good news is that most women lose sciatica symptoms after birth.

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction and Your Ligaments

Most cases of SI joint dysfunction involve damage to one or more of the ligaments that support the joint. This condition is difficult but not impossible to treat. Learn how to heal your SI ligaments and eliminate lower back pain.

Nine Unconventional Cures for Sciatica Pain

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Many people find natural ways to cure the pain caused by sciatica. Do you know how important magnesium is for normal muscle function. How about vitamin b12 do you get enough of it every day to be sure that your whole body functions like it should? How important is your mindset when it comes to healing your body?

7 Great Tips For Running With Sciatica

Sciatica from running can be a difficult condition to treat, and is a painful problem experienced by many runners. These 7 tips can not only make your running experience more pleasant, but they can also help to alleviate and treat problems many runners face with sciatica.

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