5 Hip Pain Relief Stretches & Exercises You Can Do In Bed

These hip pain relief stretches & exercises don’t necessarily need to be done in bed, but they may help relieve hip pain in the morning before getting up, and/or when going to bed at night. Buy a worksheet with these stretches & exercises at: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/hip-pain-relief-bed-worksheet

Hip pain can be from a number of reasons. Often our hips will be really stiff when we first wake up or after a long day on our feet. The stretches and exercises can easily be done in your bed.

The first two stretches are an active assisted (AA) hamstring stretch and a knee to chest stretch. These will help stretch the muscles that are connected to your hips/pelvis and help relieve pain and tightness.

Next pelvic tilts and bridges are a great way to not only loosen up the hip and pelvic area, but they also help strengthen your core muscles as well.

Finally, a straight leg raise (SLR) will help strengthen your hip flexor muscles.

Want to know more about reps, set, and frequency? Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uo2Bz7F339I

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5 Hip Pain Relief Stretches & Exercises You Can Do In Bed:

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