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Lift your left leg and place your right ankle on top of the left knee. Hold the position for a moment. This assists extend the small piriformis muscle, which in some cases becomes irritated and presses against the sciatic nerve, causing discomfort. Do the very same workout with the other leg. Once you can do the reclining variation without pain, deal with your physiotherapist on the sitting and forward variations of pigeon posture.

Bend your ideal leg, putting your right ankle on top of the left knee. Lean forward and allow your upper body to reach towards your thigh. Hold…

Risks of Untreated Chronic Back Pain

Pain can be an agonising experience for human body. Pain that affects daily routine, work efficiency and emotional well-being of a person is of particularly great concern. Back pain is one such complex condition that has affected millions across the globe.

Why Do Problems Arise With Our Back?

Back pain is, sadly, one of humanity’s great shared experiences.It’s incredibly commonplace and although it may be rather more prevalent in some cultures than others, it’s nevertheless found around the globe.

What Do You Need to Know About Back Pain and Its Remedies?

Back pain is something which everyone suffer at least once in their life. It can be cause by muscle strain, tumor, herniated disc etc. Here are some natural remedies for back pain which can help you get rid of back pain

It’s That Nagging Backache That Has Been Bothering You Again!

Our back is an avascular structure, which means that it is without blood vessels. So the only way that one could facilitate flow of oxygen and nutrients to the back is by movement. It is for this reason that keeping fit is sometimes considered the best way to keep the spine healthy. You get some walk every day, and the back easily gets its nutrition. And if one is down with an ailing back, a chiropractor could facilitate movement in ways which is not otherwise possible.

What Is The Neck Roll Of A Pillow?

The term “neck pillow” refers to a pillow that keep and improves your spinal alignment. Your cervical spine or neck should have a curvature of more than 30 degrees. Neck Pillow’s help to maintain and improve that curvature.

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