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Sciatica is discomfort that begins in your lower back and shoots down through your legs and sometimes into your feet. It occurs when something in your body– perhaps a herniated disk or bone spur compresses your sciatic nerve. Some people experience sharp, intense pain, and others get tingling, weak point, and feeling numb in their legs.

Many people with sciatica don’t wind up requiring surgery, and about half improve within 6 weeks with only rest and medication. So what do you require to do after your doctor makes a diagnosis of sciatica? The majority of people with sciatica improve in…

Causes, Treatment and Management of Lower Back Pain

There are 3 primary types of back pain. Which one do you have?? While the symptoms of each may, initially, be similar, determining the exact cause is crucial to correct management…

Walking Back Pain Away

A friend was telling me recently that the worst thing he had done to his back when younger was replace his roof by himself. The worst part of that was brushing on an area of flat roof.

Central Cord Syndrome, The Symptoms

Central cord syndrome is a common ailment that occurs in the spine. It is characterized as an injury that leads to the arms and hands being impaired; a more extreme version would lead to the impairment in the legs. The injury is caused by the brain’s inability to receive and send signals properly to and from these parts of the body through the spine.

Infuse System For Spinal Fusion: Good News and Bad News

Infuse contains bone morphogenetic protein, a substance that increases the success of spinal fusions but comes with unique risks. A recent study suggests, contrary to other studies, that cancer is not one of these risks.

Chiropractic Care for the World’s Premier Athletes and Entertainers

A chiropractic career can bring opportunities beyond the traditional clinic work. Many are employed providing chiropractic care to professional athletes and performers.

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