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We consist of items we believe work for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we might earn a small commission. Here’s our process.Sciatic nerve pain can be so unbearable and crippling that you do not even want to get off the sofa. Typical reasons for sciatica can consist of a burst disk, a narrowing of the spinal column canal (called spine stenosis…

Discover Gravity Inversion Tables

If you find your body getting stiff and sore at the end of the day then gravity inversion tables may well be the answer. They provide an easy way to stretch out your spine, joints, and muscles – and bring many people relief from pain on a daily basis. This article discusses the benefits of gravity inversion tables, and some tips if you are looking to buy one.

Drug Free Pain Management Techniques

Pain management is a technique that is used to help improve the lives of people living with pain. The most common method of treating pain is administering of pain drugs.

4 Excellent Exercises to Strengthen the Lower Back

Whether you have chronic back pain or have never had any significant problem in the past, it is never too early or too late to begin strengthening your lower back. This article cover 4 simple but effective low back strengthening exercises to stabilize your core and reduce your low back pain chances.

4 Sleeping Positions and How It Affects Your Health

We spend a third of our lives sleeping and quality sleeping is beneficial to our well-being. 95% of us sleep in the same position every single night and the sleeping position can impact our health both positively and negatively. It is thus very important to adopt the correct and best sleeping position for better health.

Computer Posture – How To Improve Your Posture At Work

If you work for long periods of sitting down at a computer, over the course of the day you tend to get so absorbed into your work you slouch and forget to focus on your posture which creates unnecessary tension in your body. As a yoga teacher a lot of my students complain about back pain and neck tension caused by sitting incorrectly at their desk. In today’s post, I share good computer sitting tips to relieve the pressure on your back and neck muscles…

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