This Morning Yoga Routine is PERFECT for BEGINNERS

A beginner friendly morning yoga routine for improved health and wellness.
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The perfect morning yoga routine for beginners to improve your health and wellness, help you gain flexibility and strength, and feel GOOD in your body.

And if you’re not a beginner, this is still an awesome morning practice because we focus on the fundamentals of flexibility and strength, and that’s always good for you.

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This practice is great for all fitness levels, including beginners, and for bodies of all shapes and sizes. Always listen to your body, take breaks whenever necessary, skip or modify any poses that feel unreasonable in your body, and most importantly HAVE FUN 😉


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David O Yoga – Disclaimer
David O Yoga recommends that you consult your physician regarding the applicability of any recommendations and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program. When participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself.

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