DOWNWARD DOG POSE – 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid 🙌 #shorts

Because we do Downward Dog so often in yoga, it’s important to pay attention to healthy alignment. Avoid the 3 mistakes in Downward Dog and keep your yoga practice safe, effective and FUN!

How to Stop Back Spasms Naturally

There are many ways to relieve back spasms naturally. Of course there are other shall we say non-natural ways to relieve back spasms. Various prescription drugs which aid in relaxing the muscles easing spasms and the pain. Most of us would probably choose natural means rather than drugs and all the various side affects as well as the expense of prescription drugs.

Laminectomy Surgery – Understand The Facts Before It’s Too Late!

Laminectomy Surgery, is it the end all be all of back surgeries? As all back pain sufferer know, it’s not something that you can ignore or should ignore for long. First off it is not something that will pass and does not just effect a small area of your body, if you have chronic back pain/problems, then your whole body is effected and pretty much makes your ability to do anything physical difficult to nearly impossible without a great deal of pain.

Is Your Back Stiffness A Result Of Cycling?

Cycling is the most popular form of exercising and with excellent reason. It is a thorough workout that targets pretty much all common problem areas such as your arms, back, legs and upper legs.

Inversion Tables – Do They Really Work?

The use of inversion tables has been a topic that has its critics and supporters. Inversion tables have been in use for quite a long time. They work by creating tension between spinal discs and are used in therapeutic institutions around the world! What are they good for?

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Exercise for Lower Back Pain – Exercise Your Way to a Healthier Back

Undoubtedly you might have encountered some form of lower back pain in your life. Don’t say no. Almost every person in the world will suffer from some sort of back pain at some point in our life.

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