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Lower neck and back pain can be a devastating and painful condition. Luckily, staying physically active may be the most reliable and affordable method to relieve or prevent it. Here are 8 easy stretches to ease lower back discomfort. Lower…

Back to Health: Tips for Recovering From Back Surgery

The decision to have back surgery is often predicated by a great deal of pain, perhaps a decrease in quality of life, or even possible further complications or health concerns. For most, the decision to have surgery is never easy, and comes with much discussion with family and friends, research, and counseling from trusted medical professionals. Part of the consideration to surgery is the recovery time and process. Discussing possible outcomes and expectation with back surgeons can help patients to better understand what to expect and how to prepare.

Choosing A Good Pillow To Relieve Neck Pain

The marketplace is swamped with all varieties of pillow. There are eco-friendly pillows, allergy sensitive pillows, memory foam pillows and even pillows to prevent snoring.

Why You Should Exercise Your Way Through Back Pain

Statistically there is a very good chance that you or someone you are close to will have back pain issues at some time. It is estimated that back pain will account for about 10% of all people who visit the doctor. That in America amounts to over $80 billion a year, and it is one of the hardest issues for doctors to diagnose. According to recent studies prescribed treatments often are ineffective, and some even cause more harm than good.

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How to Get a Stronger Back

Most of us leave pretty sedentary lives spending most of the time sitting in the car, at work and at home; as a result our back muscles are weak and we are plagued by back aches. However there is something you can do to counter an inactive lifestyle: Build a strong back.

Why Hasn’t My Doctor Mentioned This Disc Herniation Solution?

We will be talking about the topic of intervertebral disc herniation in this piece. Within our spines we’ve all got twenty-four spinal bones, or vertebrae. There exists a connective tissue cushion or intervertebral disc between each of those spinal bones. The connective tissue ring around the exterior of the disc can start to fail. When the external, connective tissue layer of the intervertebral disc gets weakened it may lead to a simple bulge in the disc or the interior of the disc could actually squeeze out and lead to a disc herniation. Bulging disc or slipped disc are a few of the terms that are used to refer to a disc herniation.

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