The perfect everyday back pain relief stretches to reduce tension in your upper, middle and lower back. If you’re suffering from back pain or if you’re sitting all day long at the desk, this workout is for you !

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Back Support Belts: The Easiest Relief And Prevention Of Your Back Pain

Back support belts, as the name implies, give ample support to the back of individuals who require frequent bending and stretching of their back muscles. It could be due to the nature of their work, a hobby, or even exercise. In fact you may have noticed, most bodybuilders working out in the gym use the best back support belt available to them when they do powerlifting movements such as extremely heavy bench presses and leg squats. Of course, not everybody is into lifting weights in the gym, but in most cases we mimic the biomechanics that are happening in the gym in our own personal activities.

Back Pain Treatments From Chiropractors

When a person suffers from back pain, whether it is chronic or occasional, he sacrifices many things from his life – it affects his work and his relationship to other people around him. It causes not only physical pain but could also cause emotional trauma. Indeed, finding ways to effectively manage such illness is very important.

Back Pain on the Job

Standing in one place all day as a cashier or other retail worker can be just as bad for your back as a desk job. Learn how to prevent and resolve job-related back pain.

Stay Active or Rest With Lower Back Pain?

Rest is one of the recommended treatment methods for pain. However, movement may be the best medicine. Learn about the detrimental effects more than two days of rest can have on your health in general and your recovery from pain.

Inversion Chair: The Pros and Cons

If you have any interest in inversion therapy, you probably already know about inversion tables and benches. What you may not know is that inversion chairs/recliners also exist.

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