Back Pain Relief Exercises | 20 Minutes | No Equipment | Back Pain Exercises at Home for Men & Women

This 20 minute class consists of a lot of the back pain relief exercises I do with my 1:1 clients when they have been referred to me to me with back pain. When practising these back pain exercises at home there are 2 things to think about. In this order:

1) Stabilise the area – which means core stability. If you have lower back pain it also means pelvic stability as well and if you have upper back pain it also means shoulder stability too.

2) Mobilise – once stable you need to improve the range of motion above and below the painful area and then the painful area itself.

Improving back pain once and for all can be a bit of a process (depending on how long you’ve had it) however practice getting these moves perfectly correct and you will exercise your way out of back pain.

For a further breakdown of how to perform each individual exercise see this back pain self study playlist:

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