5 Tips To Stay Healthy This Flu Season ✨ #shorts

5 tips (plus one BIG one) to help you STAY HEALTHY this season
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Bad Back Pain Advice For My Friends

Having suffered with bad back pains, a herniated disc and finally back surgery I get calls from friends asking me for advice in dealing with their back pain. Now I am not a doctor. The best advice I can give them is to see their doctor and find out if there is any serious damage. However being a friend I am willing to pass on some of the lessons learned from my experience. So here it goes:

Chiropractic Care and Radiofrequency Ablation for Chronic Pain

We often have many questions about Radiofrequency procedures in our Panama City FL office so I have written this brief synopsis of the procedure and some things to expect. I have tried to make the information useful to all those that read this whether they are here in Panama City or elsewhere and whether or not they combine Chiropractic care with the Radiofrequency or not.

Strengthen Lower Back

Strengthen your lower back and help reduce back pain and risk of injury. Learn exercises to help you strengthen your core.

Kidney or Back Pain?

Being able to tell the difference between kidney stone pain and back pain can help you decide what to do about the pain. Untreated symptoms of both kidney pain and back pain can lead to future complications including kidney infection and back problems.

4 Ways to Stop Kidney Pain

Millions of Americans suffer from kidney pain whether its from a kidney infection or from a kidney infection and here are some ways to try and protect yourself. Kidney stones are caused by a lack of calcium. There have been studies done recently that show eating more calcium will reduce degenerative diseases which include kidney infections.

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