3 Acute Back Pain Relief Movements: Good for any acute #backpain situation

Let’s talk about acute back pain relief. More specifically 3 movements you need to be doing if you have acute low back pain and are looking to beat it for good. Acute low back pain can be a beast especially if you’re on the brink of going from acute back pain to chronic. We have to make sure that doesn’t happen at all costs!

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This is video 3 of an Acute Back Pain Relief mini-series I am doing so be sure to check out the first two videos in the series!


► VIDEO ONE: https://youtu.be/srJOcokniJ0
► VIDEO TWO: https://youtu.be/7Qkl1qNKvfo

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Bed Rest Or Exercise: Which Will Best Help My Sciatica Flare-Up?

Have you heard that bed rest is the best when you’re experiencing back pain? Well you may have heard wrong. Activity, stretching, and exercise can go a long way when you’re experiencing sciatica pain.

Does Your Posture on Your Ball Chair Matter?

YES It can! Posture is very important because it’s exactly what can be the difference of having body pain or no body pain. Poor posture can cause spinal pain.

Back Pain Cures – How to Find Relief

When you have problems with your sciatica, taking strides to keep your back in good health should become part of your everyday routine. This goes beyond taking an anti-inflammatory or pain pill when flare ups occur. The real relief from sciatica pain comes when you make changes in your life to keep the muscles in your back healthy.

Relief From Sciatic Nerve Pain: Chiropractic Therapy

Not so long ago chiropractic treatment was scorned by many in the medical community. It was classified as voodoo medicine; insurance companies did not recognize or pay for chiropractic manipulation because it wasn’t performed by a ‘real’ doctor. Slowly, however, chiropractic medicine became more accepted by the public at large and by medical insurance companies as a legitimate force in the relief from sciatic nerve pain.

Tips for Reducing Back Pain While Driving for Long Distances

It doesn’t matter if you drive for a living or just dread the annual family vacation trip, back pain from long distance driving can happen to anyone. So what can be done about it?

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