Not known Details About Sciatica – Wikipedia

Not known Details About Sciatica – Wikipedia

Sciatica is pain that starts in your lower back and shoots down through your legs and in some cases into your feet. It takes place when something in your body– perhaps a herniated disk or bone spur compresses your sciatic nerve. Some people experience sharp, extreme discomfort, and others get tingling, weak point, and tingling in their legs.

Most people with sciatica don’t wind up needing surgical treatment, and about half get better within 6 weeks with just rest and medication. So what do you need to do after your doctor makes a diagnosis of sciatica? The majority of people…

Lower Back Pain

The causes of Back pain are varied: obesity, stress, physical labor etc..

Laser Spine Surgery – Safer and Less Costly

Laser spine surgery for herniated discs has been found to have a lot of advantages. The most important of these advantages are faster healing and a lot less chance of complications.

Potential Link Between Degenerated Discs and Clogged Arteries

A 15-year-old theory may provide insight into the cause of back pain in some people: clogged arteries. If the theory is accurate, diet is essential to back pain treatment and prevention.

Activities of Daily Living With Back Pain: Folding Clothes and Sweeping Floors

It is difficult to keep up with daily activities when you have a disability, even a temporary one such as intermittent or chronic back pain. One way to help yourself recover faster is to find the means of performing those activities without further frustrating yourself or irritating your back.

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Lumbar Disc Herniation and Treatment Options

Treatment approaches for disc herniation varies from office to office. But the basics are the same. Decrease muscle spasms and pain. Improve joint motion and mobility, and find ways to decrease the herniation.

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