Best Exercises & Yoga Stretches for Back pain (Lower / Upper back )| Reduce back pain

“Yoga helps strengthen and stretch back muscles that might be tight, which improves mobility,”
Yoga is a gentle practice that is ideal for maintaining back strength and flexibility. It’s also one of the more effective tools for helping reduce low back pain, the most common source of pain and disability among older adults.
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A General Description of Sciatica Symptoms and Its Primary Cause

Sciatica is pain and discomfort that typically starts in the lower back and buttocks area as a result of aggravation of the sciatic nerve. The majority of individuals that suffer from sciatica pain and its symptoms see improvement within just a few weeks by using home remedies based on sciatica relief information they’ve acquired from their doctors or physical therapists.

Low Back Pain Explained

We can experience low back pain some time in our lives. It can range from moderate to severe and can be brief or long-standing. It also curtails us in doing our tasks.

Feet, A Pain in the Back?

Improper biomechanics of your feet can lead to many chronic musculoskeletal problems. Your foot is a complex structure consisting of 26 bones, 33 joints and 126 muscles/ligaments. The average person spends four hours per day on their feet. In a day he or she takes approximately 8,000 to 10,000 steps. Each step you take exerts a force that travels through your foot and body, which is equal to 50 per cent more than your body weight. Your feet act as shock absorbers and a lever to propel your body forward (walking).

5 Benefits of Using an Inversion Table

An inversion table looks like a typical table that is on a pivot. You must lie on the table and strap in your feet securely to the bottom of the inversion table. Then you must engage the pivot mechanism, allowing you to safely flip upside down., Inversion therapy allows gravity to stretch your body in a way that it is not normally stretched. The benefits of a gravity stretch will gently decompress the joints in your vertebrae, knees and hips, which are often compressed by the gravity pressure of standing upright.

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Treating Back Trouble With Aspirin

Talk about medications for treating back pain, and aspirin is the first name that springs to mind. This is among the most generally used OTC medications for combating back pain. But, is this medication good enough?

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