Back Pain Relief Stretches – 5 Minute Real Time Routine

These back pain relief stretches are great for helping to relieve general back pain and back stiffness

Methods For Sciatica Relief

For those who have experienced severe forms of sciatica, nothing could be more pressing than to get sciatica relief. Aside from pain, sciatica is characterized by symptoms such as muscle weakness or numbness, tingling feeling, and problems with bowel or bladder control. Symptoms are associated with a patient’s lower back, leg, and sciatic nerve. This sciatic nerve originates from the lower spine to the foot, and is considered the longest nerve in our body.

What Are the Causes of Back Pain?

Back pain may manifest in various forms with varying intensity. Apart from common back-related ailments, even general stress and strain can trigger pain and bring life to a standstill. A multidisciplinary approach helps in pain management and prevents the recurrence of the condition.

All About Sciatic Nerve Pain – Cause, Diagnosis and Treatment

This article gives important information about sciatic nerve pain. Keep in mind that it is very important to consult a health care provider or spinal specialist prior to engaging in any forms of exercise for sciatic nerve pain.

4 Low Impact Exercises for Relieving Sciatica Pain

It may not seem like a good idea to exercise when you’re in pain, but it’s a proven fact that regular, low impact exercise is one of the most effective ways to overcome chronic pain. Continual, low impact exercise stimulates your body into releasing powerful endorphins which are the body’s all natural pain killers.

Low Back Pains and Herniated Disc – Its Treatment

As a disc degenerates, it can herniate (the inner core leaks out), which is known as a disc herniation or a herniated disc. The weak spot in the outer core of the disc is directly under the spinal nerve root, so a herniation in this area puts direct pressure on the nerve, which in turn can cause sciatica. Pain that radiates down the leg and is caused by a herniated disc is called a radiculopathy.

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