Back Pain Relief, Prevention, and Living Healthy

In this video, I chat with my chiropractor Daniel on everything back pain, relief, prevention, adjustments, spinal cord, stretches, sitting, standing, walking, exercise, eating healthy, and more.

I made this video because I’m hearing more and more from friends in the tech industry who have back pain (myself included), especially as a result of Covid and WFH. We work in an environment where we are sitting for very long periods in positions that are not good for our backs or long term health. My goal with this video is to encourage you to take preventative measures to care for yourself so you can live long and healthy without pain. 😊 If you are already experiencing pain, Daniel and I also address how to deal with it.

An Unconventional Cure for Backache

There are some people who trust that the body is fully capable of remedial itself without a lot of martial medical procedures or treatments. In its place, they turn to a few eccentric natural treatments in order to cure back pain.

Finding an Auto Injury Chiropractor

You find yourself sitting in your car, reeling through emotions after being rear-ended by another car. You get out and check out the damage, exchange insurance and driver information and wait for the police to arrive.

Your Doctor, Exercise and Alternatives for Achieving Pain Relief for Sciatica Pain

Research has shown that sciatica is an ailment caused by the inflammation of the sciatic nerve. More often than not, the primary cause of irritation is an aggravated disc that is putting pressure on the nerve.

Your Mattress And Back Stiffness

Are you aware that a wrong selection of mattress for your bed can cause serious back trouble? It is one of the leading causes of those cases of unending back pain. A good mattress is the one which provides correct back support.

Treating Scoliosis

Have you ever seen a person with scoliosis? Well, I have and the one that I saw has a severe case of scoliosis.

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